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Hearing Bren’s voice again and seeing that face was magical, a soothing soul balm that was very much needed as we negotiate a world he wouldn’t recognise.

twenty one

Standing in the shower, I let the hot jets of steaming water wash over me. I could hear Bren playing his guitar from where he was sitting at the foot of our bed.


“OK you get to keep your arm this time!” Reg says, smiling cheekily.


Taya finds us and speed walks us to the cancer hospital for a CT scan. We find out later that Bren shouldn’t be walking anywhere without crutches.

1: Before You Go

I think that was the last time a saw him walk like that. I wish I’d known it then. I had always loved the way he moved and I would never see him move that freely again. If I had realised at the time how big that small moment was, how life changing this day would be, I’d have been devastated.

September 2014…our Dad has cancer

When we found out Brendan had Cancer one of our main concerns was how it would affect the kids. Our plan of attack was pretty simple. Keep things as normal as possible and laugh often. We knew, for a while anyway, that we wouldn’t be going on outings on weekends — home would be it…

25 March 2018 —  thinking of you

Hey Babe It’s late, after midnight, sleep is eluding me again. Im tired but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. It’s odd how comfortably duality sits snugly within the same space these days. Beautiful/painfully, happy/sad…sleepy/wide awake. Tonight I’m tired and can’t sleep, again. I’m tired/awake, it’s kind’ve become my normal, and I know that…

22 Day Push Up Challenge

Every now and then I’m quick enough to catch my husband doing his thing on video. Today it was day 1 of the 22 day push up challenge that he is participating in on facebook. Below you can read his fb comment on the reason why he is participating. Brendan Maloney:  “This challenge holds a deep…


You know rego is just around the corner when you see the husband sitting under the car instead of in it! Some jobs may take longer these days, and sometimes even longer to recover from – but that doesn’t stop a good handyman. Obviously from post picture – no seated job is too large or…

April Update

As the year hurtles along at a pretty fast pace. I cannot believe the school holidays are over. We have enjoyed a relaxed couple of weeks. Staying close to home – we spent time at the beach, had some fun at Inflatable World and hung around the house, taking things easy.  Managing Brendan’s cancer at…