5 tell-tale signs you’re too busy!

Is busy a lie we buy into? It can make us feel more successful and drives the economy hard.



Daily Prompt: Pretend The girl with the red balloon… Her smile was wide, jovial even as he greeted friends and strangers alike, with enthusiasm and warmth. Not in a million years would you have guessed that her joy and outward appearance were not what they seemed to be. Hers was mostly a fictive state of…

The Things we Do to Get Through

Have you ever had a friend, family member, work colleague or even an acquaintance that has blown up completely, in a way that you thought was over the top or out of character? I sure have. I’m pretty sure I’ve even been the one to blow up, or meltdown – for want of a better…

Here and Now

Today’s Oracle Wisdom : Here & Now: Inverted (with the card deck used this indicates a message of Protection) –  Card 32:  If you find yourself reading these lovely words of wisdom, there is every chance they may be for you!


Today’s Oracle Wisdom : Orphaned –  Card 5:  If you find yourself reading these lovely words of wisdom, there is every chance they may be for you too!

Where we’re at!

There has been a fair bit going on around here lately. Bren is going great, and staying fit and busy is agreeing with him. The next oncology review is not until early November, so all is well right now. He is head down bum up busy with his: All Things VW Buy/Sell hobby thing and…

Gypsy Heart

She holds a Gypsy heart, contentment not sitting easily with her when she doesn’t feel free. I know a different picture can be painted sometimes; others see only what we want them to see – the face of who we are expected to be. She knows that she appears settled in her ordered, somewhat over…

Happy, Happy!

Today’s Oracle Wisdom : Happy, Happy – Card 26, if you find yourself reading these beautiful words of wisdom, there is every chance they may be for you. Happy Sunday everyone! The perfect day to put this sweet wisdom into practice, grab someone you love and have some fun 🙂  


Let every step you take be another step forward

We Think We Have Time

I went in search of a photo this morning and came across an album that this post collage has been created from. I hadn’t seen this album in a while.  Life can change in an instant… This was March 2014: the Easter School Holidays; to me these are a profound set of images depicting our…


The smallest hope is enough to cause the birth of love – Henri B Stenhal