Update: Immunotherapy Consult

You know you’re from Australia: when you leave for your husband’s doctors appointment at 8:30am and it’s almost 10pm when you get home. You’ve covered 630km by car in the round trip and got to eat really good hot chips and gravy, from the caltex – on the way home for dinner, yes you were… Continue reading Update: Immunotherapy Consult


Daily Prompt: Jump “Take my hand,” he said, reaching out to me. He clasped mine in his. His strength buoyed me as it always did, “come on we’ll jump together,” he smiled, encouragingly. We sat at the edge while I gathered my courage, with him beside me there was nothing I couldn’t do. “Ready?” He… Continue reading Jump


Photo Challenge: Edge Hospitals are full of edges and angles. ย I never noticed it more than when I took this photo of my husband learning to walk, aided, on one leg after radical surgery to save his life. I didn’t take this photo for this challenge, the challenge reminded me of a moment I had… Continue reading Edge