So there was no ring, no fanfare, no making premature arrangements. Just a simple promise! He would love her always.


Daily Prompt: Tiny With strength that defied size, he took the weight of their circumstance squarely on his tiny shoulders and carried it. For too long the responsibilities of life, responsibilities that would floor a person twice his age, were his and continued to grow. Still he walked, edging forward, one day at a time….


Daily Prompt: Stylish It wasn’t what she wore but how confidently and effortlessly she wore it, that made her stylish in her own easy way! I have always thought that real style comes with little effort, lots of character and an abundance of personality. She proved it!


Daily prompt: Together The wonderment, the pure awe I felt looking down at my stomach, that had stretched to be almost as round as I was high; was indescribable. Two perfect little humans were growing in there together, and I couldn’t wait to meet them! As it turned out I wouldn’t have to wait long. They…


Daily Prompt:Fragile It is often a fragile heart that hopes for the strength it needs to face life’s darkest days. If this heart is yours I urge you open it up to light and let love in this  may not heal all that hurts or close the wounds of a lifetime but it will carry…