Callie Maddalena-Maloney is a mum, a sister, daughter, aunt and friend. She is a business owner, a writer of stories and a widow. Callie’s husband Brendan was diagnosed with Metastatic Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma in June 2014. He died in 2017. He was 45 years old. Callie is re-sharing their story; and her story as she navigates life without Brendan, here. 


Gallery:   Callie and some of her favourite photos with her husband Brendan, their children Tyra and Baden, and their dog Otis.

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  1. Michele Hinton says:

    Hi Callie, Wishing Bren a happy heavenly birthday for yesterday,; our internet has been playing up so sorry for the late comment. Hopefully you got to see a rainbow with all the rain we have been having. Sending hugs & rainbows love Michele x 🌈💙🌈💙🌈💙


    1. calliemm says:

      Thank you gorgeous, I accidentally posted Brens birthday post. I thought I had scheduled it to Post on Monday (18th Oct) but it went out early. I think Ive redrafted it ready for his birthday (Im a bit untech savy lol) I hope you are well Michelle and thank you so much for your support of our little family. It’s much appreciated xx


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