calliemm is a story of life, love, loss, joy, heartbreak, healing and living. It has evolved over time with our family – and is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful husband, the father of our children — Brendan Maloney, after losing him to cancer in August 2017.

I’m Callie and I started our blog many years ago as a family diary to share with our extended family and friends. Allowing them to watch our children grow, even from afar. It was also a format at the time to share my passion for self empowerment and wellness in mind, body and spirit. calliemm was and still is about connection, with a strong focus on enjoying the simple pleasures in life: like love, family, good health, the beach, a good book and old cars. We advocate for the simple things in life that have made our family happy. 

In 2014, my husband Brendan at the age of 42 was diagnosed with a rare cancer called undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, our children were only ten. It was treatable for a short time, but wasn’t curable. calliemm became a space where our family, friends and complete strangers came for diarised updates on Brendan’s progress. It was also a place where we all came together to surround him with community spirit, love and strength when he needed it the most.

Our children and I are now doing all we can to honour his memory as we take on life without him.

I hope his story; one of love, strength and resilience, good humour and unlimited hope against insurmountable odds, continues to inspire all who read it.

We, my children and I,  now have a deeper understanding of how important it is to enjoy life to the full, to not take anything for granted, that spending time with those we love is really the most important thing we’ll ever do, and that death is simply a moment in time. All that comes before that moment is living and so too all that comes after.

Follow your dreams, life’s too short not too!



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