In the Middle.

Cheers, middle age! You really are here. On reflection, my teenage years were pretty relaxed in comparison; my twenties – loads of fun and a little experimental; my thirties were truly romantic and spontaneous, and my forties focused on creating a family and raising small children.

twenty two

September 15 is the scheduled operation date but it is subject to change. All going well; he will be in on Monday and out on Friday.


Exciting times: I began studying again a little over a year ago. Seeking a new challenge, I settled on an independent book publishing course. And a whole new world unfolded. I have been fascinated by the content and inspired by the teachers and students I am studying with. I am also currently working with a dynamic…

Heart Connections

The power of heart connection can profoundly impact our lives and the world around us.

Emptying the nest

Ah, summer – how is it February already? January – was a good month. Working from home around sunny days at the beach helped with that. So did swimming with my daughter in the ocean often. She will move to Sydney this month to start university, so it was a blessing to spend precious time…

Finding the Sweet Life

Italy, far away from everything familiar besides my kids, was where I needed to be to see my life with clarity.

2022 That’s a Wrap

Life can be shit, but it can be great again, even if the shit can’t be completely wiped away.

twenty one

Standing in the shower, I let the hot jets of steaming water wash over me. I could hear Bren playing his guitar from where he was sitting at the foot of our bed.


Mood swings are among the side effects of his medication. And although they aren’t that noticeable to us — he is struggling with them