One of Bren’s main fears was the pain he would be in, in the end stages of his cancer — for good reason.


The phone rang – it took me a minute to find it. It was Charles. He said Margaret had rung to tell him to come home. He was just checking that he really needed to before he booked a plane ticket.


When Andrew calmly and kindly said, ‘Brendan, looking at where we are today, we could be looking at about a month.’ My world crashed around me slowly, millisecond by millisecond,


Not being here for us when we would need him most was his worst nightmare, but I think it bought him peace to know we had people around us to support us when he was gone.


Ours is a story with a cast of hundreds, many will appear in the following pages, some names and places will be changed for different reasons, mostly out of respect for privacy.


For Baden and Tyra –
Who reflect their dads strength and grace every day. Even on our worst of days. This story is yours.

A Book – about Love

Only one person in our family was diagnosed with cancer. And for him, the burden was the heaviest – the devastation most extreme.


There’s nothing like an upcoming birthday to have you flipping back through times long past, a little wistfully. Today Bali came to mind as I was looking through old photos. Instead of writing about the month that was this month, I’m sharing a memory from the early years. It was 1994, I had celebrated my…


I danced, I laughed, I enjoyed myself with good food, a little wine, great music and wonderful friends.