I danced, I laughed, I enjoyed myself with good food, a little wine, great music and wonderful friends.


The Ides of March: we were luckier than most and not as lucky as some when it came to the cost to our business.


It’s the last day of summer. How did that happen? Although it’ll be nice to sit with the crisp air of an autumn morning again, coffee in hand, checking in with the day ahead – I always feel just a little bit sad when summer ends. I didn’t spend nearly enough time in the ocean…


 January – my apologies for writing this in February! January has passed in the blink of an eye! Try as I might, to share a little something each month, I’m letting busy get in the way. I have to confess, in a past life, I found the glorification of busy – boring. Now I’m allowing…


I’m thankful for technology and how it has kept us in touch with loved ones we can’t physically be with. Covid didn’t separate me from my family, but I do understand how difficult it is not to be with the ones we love. If only we could find a way to link facetime with heaven I’d be a happy woman, even in these uncertain times.


As we adapt to a strange and fast-changing world, my little family are experiencing lots of growth and change outside of the COVID epidemic that comes naturally with growing children. Or more correctly, growing teens. My firstborn, granted only by a minute or so, Baden, has now entered the workforce. He has secured an apprenticeship…

Three years

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. You are as much missing from our lives now as the day you died, and you will be missing still from everything we do today and in the future. That hurts more than is explainable.

Cottage 64

Seven months after my husband Brendan passed I purchased a beautiful cottage in the medical precinct of Taree for the children and me. This is her story. I had an overwhelming amount of decisions to make in the seven months between losing my husband and buying the cottage. Organising Bren’s funeral service, just hours after…


Reflection: Edited from original post. The month of May had always been my happy month. Mothers Day and my birthday month made for celebrations and having loads of extra love and attention heaped on me by my husband and kids. Who doesn’t love that? I loved the month of May, and then in 2014, it…


When you grow up with a Mum like mine, and I hope yours, you never really imagine that one day she will be gone. That day came too soon for my sisters and me, and so today, we celebrate our first mothers day without our beautiful Mum. Thank you, Mum, for teaching your three girls…