“OK you get to keep your arm this time!” Reg says, smiling cheekily.


Taya finds us and speed walks us to the cancer hospital for a CT scan. We find out later that Bren shouldn’t be walking anywhere without crutches.


The last thing you want to hear your husband say to the doctor on the other end of the phone when getting his biopsy results is “fuck!”

Emotional Muscle Memory

My body aches, my head aches, my heart aches. I can be moody and not much fun to be around. This all feels involuntary.


Thank you for the messages — and for reading along with us. Increasing awareness of Sarcoma, a rare cancer, through telling his story and our families was important to Bren.


Every other day, after the biopsy, I felt like I was having a silent meltdown — privately, inside my head.


He then looked at me and smiled, “medicine has come a long way, and people are living with cancer now just like they do with heart disease.” 


You may behave irrationally when you or someone you love has cancer. It can bring out your strengths. It can bring out your weaknesses


‘I’m sorry to have had to tell you this Brendan, it wasn’t something I wanted you to hear over the phone.’


I can’t imagine what was going through Bren’s head. Whatever he was thinking, he remained calm — grace under pressure.